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The Pennsylvania Energy Resources Group’s energy consulting business was created to help companies make the pieces fit, fill the gap between ideas and government support, and help energy companies secure the equipment, services, financing and markets necessary to succeed in the marketplace. ERG’s partners have an unparalleled record of achievement in guiding energy projects in Pennsylvania, advising on emerging policies and state/federal government programs, securing funding, legislation and regulatory changes.

Since 2002, we have taken an active role in influencing state energy policy, working with the General Assembly to craft language that would support expansion of the state’s alternative and renewable energy sector. ERG played a major role in development of the state’s alternative fuels programs, the Biodiesel Research, Development and Production Act, and drafted language and lobbied for creation of the state’s Alternative Energy Development Program, and Alternative Energy Production Tax Credit Program.

ERG knows the state’s energy and environmental programs inside and out. Our relationships and knowledge of these programs have led to clients accessing state funding from the Solar Energy Program, the Alternative and Clean Energy Fund, the Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant Program, the Biodiesel Production Incentive Program, Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority, Commonwealth Financing Authority, and Ben Franklin Technology Partnership.

ERG works with traditional energy related companies as well, including refineries, terminals, electric generators and public utilities. We are proud of our leadership in alternative and clean energy projects, and of the accomplishments of our clients.

In grant management, ERG identifies potential State and Local government grant, loan and procurement opportunities, and assists with the preparation of proposals and applications. ERG is expert at the proposal, bidding and approval processes, and works closely with the government officials overseeing these programs to both secure their support and to address any concerns that might impact the grant application.

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Alternative Energy Report is a biweekly publication of the Pennsylvania Energy Resources Group, providing information and analysis on issues and events relating to renewable energy in Pennsylvania.
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